*4x8 coop for 12 chickens $605, Please visit our website for more info, a video shows details about this coop. http://www.ranch-coop.com/large-chicken-coop-B.html *8x8 coop for 20+ chickens $1274 More info and the video about easily winterizing these coop- http://www.ranch-coop.com/big-chicken-coop-for-more-than-20-chickens.html (THEY ARE PORTABLE: It's two (for an 8x8) or three(f...
French Black Copper Marans Chicks. Day old Straight run/non-sexed. 10.00 ea. For a limited time. Red and white coop 159.00. 5-7 birds. Two egg boxes. Lg. Cedar roofed coop. with top brooder and two egg boxes. Ground access. Over 40sq ft. of space. Three level coop. Call WILLIAM : 515 401 5198 attilaclark@hotmail.com
We have four coops and chicks. Plus many accessories. If you would like some advice and would like to get started with chickens we have everything here to go. Americauna Chicks, from green eggs. And French Marans from the darkest brown eggs in the world. Free with the purchase of a coop. We also have feed and water containers of various sizes. Call WILLIAM , we deliver and build custo...
Chicken coop and 4 egg laying hens. Plus there water food feeders and extra added on hand made run for more room. You will have to hall it yourself. Im asking $100 for all
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